Weight loss diet for women questionnaire

Nine week diet course starting 23rd October 2020.

Please fill in the registration information here and carefully read the safety information.  The questionnaire will establish your suitability, as far as is possible, for a self-management diet.  Once you have filled in the questionnaire and confirmed that you consider yourself suitable, you will be given a link to the full diet.  If you are unsure, you are welcome to contact me.

Please note at present I can only support those who reside in UK or EU
Please note this service is for women over 40 years of age
Use the weight and height chart on the right (or below in mobile) to convert stones and pounds to kilograms
Use the weight and height chart on the right (or below in mobile) to convert feet and inches to centimetres
Use the chart on the right to convert feet and inches to centimetres
BMI is body mass index. Use the chart on the right (or at the bottom of your smartphone) to work out your BMI from your height in cm and your weight in kg. A BMI of over 25 kg/m2 means you are overweight, and a BMI of over 30 kg/m2 means you are obese. If your BMI is more than 40kg/m2 you will require specialist attention, beyond the range of this online course. You are welcome to book a private consultation.
If you simply want to eat more healthily, without needing to lose weight, there is a link to a healthy diet in the right hand column -The Good Life
Selected Value: 0
5 is good health with no serious long term issues. 1 is poor health.
None of the above drugs will bar you from taking the diet, but if the condition you have that causes you to take these drugs is acute, or uncontrolled then you may wish to take further advice before embarking on the diet. You should NOT take this diet if you are taking morphine or opiate based drugs, chemotherapy or hormonal treatment (apart from HRT for menopause). If in doubt seek advice.
The more underlying health conditions you have and the more serious they are, the more careful you should be about embarking upon any type of diet. The more uncontrolled your health issues are the less likely that a diet will help you. However, some conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes type 2 and sleep apnoea can be improved by dieting. You should NOT take this diet if you are undergoing treatment for cancer or any other major or serious physical or mental illness, or if you have been advised against weight loss treatment by a doctor. If you are unsure consult you GP or consultant.
SAFETY INFORMATION This diet is designed for overweight and obese women, above the age of 40, who are otherwise generally in good health. There is no upper age limit, however as we age, we tend to amass health conditions that might make a diet less advisable. If you are in any doubt, consult your GP and/or make an appointment to consult me for a detailed opinion. If you consult me privately you will have to pay for one consultation, but the diet (with any modifications, I may recommend) will still be totally free. If your body mass index (BMI) is above 30kg/m2, you may be eligible for bariatric surgery on the NHS, especially if you suffer from an underlying health condition such as diabetes type 2. Consult your GP, if you are attracted by this approach. Ask for the pros and cons to be explained to you. This diet is suitable for anyone over 40, whose biological sex is female, regardless of how they identify their sexuality. It is suitable for women taking hormone replacement therapy for menopause symptoms. It is suitable for female-to-male transgender or transsexual people, as long as they have NOT taken any hormone treatments. It is not suitable for male to female transgender people. *Nobody knows the contents of recreational drugs so their effect upon diets cannot be given. This is the time to give up such drugs and get help if you need it. I do not recommend this diet until you have stopped taking recreational drugs. **This diet relies upon very careful eating during the first four weeks. Alcohol is a toxin that disrupts the metabolic processes, directing nutrients towards fat production. In addition, the aperitive action of alcohol serves to stimulate the taste buds at the same time that it leaves us without the mental clarity to make smart decisions. I have discovered that this diet doesn’t work if the dieter isn’t able or willing to totally give up alcohol for four weeks. After that its totally fine to return to small portions of alcohol, taken in moderation with food. Finally, you may not use a body composition analyser if you have a pacemaker or similar electrical implant.
I'm sorry that I cannot offer email consultations to people who are living outside UK or EU.
Your data will be held by Wendy Shillam Clinical Nutritonist as the principal author of Say Tomato and will only be used for bonefide contact. We will not share your details with anyone else. You can change your status at any time.
I have read the conditions and restrictions above and confirm that I am suitable for the diet. I recognise that this is my decision and mine alone. I also understand that in order to lose weight I will need to change my diet. This course will help me understand how to do this as safely as possible. If I experience any concerning side-effects, I will stop the diet and immediately consult my GP, or another suitably qualified health professional. (You may consult Wendy Shillam by email at any time)
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