Healthy Diets

How understanding about homeostasis helps you lose weight

Homeostasis Life’s balancing act

All day, every day, our cells are performing a metabolic balancing act. In fact, every cell, in every living thing, performs the same task. Nature is wonderful. Our metabolic rate isn’t regulated by just one system.  The human body possesses trillions of metabolic clocks, ticking away within every single cell in the body. Each cell

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Picture of a laden Christmas feast

Celebrations, parties and eating with friends

The Good Life Part 06: Eating with friends. Does a celebration have to mean excess? PROGRAMME How to survive  celebrations and parties ‘Tis the season to be jolly.   So now you’ve read through the four basics of healthy eating – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – it is time to think about how these basics

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Table setting ideas for a simple dinner

Dinner? Healthy evening recipes for busy women

What is the difference between dinner and lunch?  Not much really.  A healthy woman should see both dinner and lunch as equivalent. I don’t think it really matters whether you have dinner at lunch time, supper at night or are inviting friends to a formal dinner party.  In every case the evening meal should contain

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