FAQs about losing weight


If you are over fifty and think that you’re over the hill, think again! The latest evidence shows that we can improve our body composition, even into our 90s.  And a small change now (say losing 5% or 10% of weight) can still make a massive difference to your long term health and vitality1.  Many cancers, diabetes type 2 and heart disease as well as osteoporosis and dementia are linked to diet and overweight.  But it is never too late to make a change.


I believe in using wholesome ingredients, no packets, no supplements, no factory produced products. But you do have to spend time on yourself. For example, you might need to make time to plan for eating when you are out, packing some fruit to augment a canteen lunch, or walking that bit further to find a healthy meal, rather than settling for the closer but unhealthier alternative. I’m willing to bet that your weekly food bill will plummet, not rocket. And by eating fresh, local, simple foods you’ll be treading lightly on the planet, reducing your carbon footprint as well as the weight of your feet upon the scales.


One-to-one consultations are £55 for a 55minute consultation. If you wish to enter the fast weight loss programme you will need to attend a full two-hour dietetic assessment which costs a one-off £245 and will require blood tests (from your GP or testing clinic).  The initial pre-assessment (by telephone) is free.  Once you’ve lost the weight you will be eligible for a half-hour £25.00 maintenance session one a month, or you can join the maintenance club which will be starting up in January 2020.  These are £5.00 per session.


Our dietary requirements change over time. So, a diet that worked for you in your 30s or 40s stops working when you hit your 50s. As we age, we tend to lose muscle mass and gain fat. That’s not healthy. I use non-invasive dual bioelectrical impedance monitoring to compute your body composition to ensure that you are losing fat, while maintaining and strengthening muscles.


The diet I use is a balanced low-calorie diet, similar in calorific value to diets that are recommended to reverse diabetes type 2 or lose weight prior to abdominal surgery. But, unlike these commercial diets, I don’t ask you to purchase packaged products. In fact, I advise against it. This is fast, but safe, as long as it is time-limited and well supervised2.


Some nutritionists lose interest once you reach your goal weight. But 80% of people who successfully lose weight put it all back on. I help you follow your maintenance through the danger period that might endure for months, even a few years, post diet. If you can leap that final hurdle the evidence shows that you will have changed your body composition for life.  I’m so confident of your success that group consultations during the maintenance stage are only £5.00 per session, subject to your joining the maintenance club.


it is easier to lose weight when you have support.  Getting support from a professional nutritionist, who is independent and unfettered by commercial programmes is a very good option. The maintenance club SAY TOMATO! brings us together for non-fattening and fun events.


To talk please call me on 07957 438 666.  I’m happy to discuss anything over the phone before you book, or you can send me a question via this website or on twitter @rooftopvegplot. Alternatively send me a question by using the Make Contact Form on the Home Page.

Further Information
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