My story

Thirty years ago I started writing a book about diets.  The idea was to beat the nutritionists at their game, to eschew ‘diet’ foods and fads, and get back to guiltless eating.  I wanted to show how wholesome eating, including all those foods you were told were bad for you, could have a much better …

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Is ballet good exercise for older people?

As a specialist in weight issues for women over 50, I am forever searching around for enjoyable exercise options for my clients.  In order to maintain a healthy weight, it is important to consider how to keep our muscles in tone.  Muscle is metabolically active, so as well as giving us strength and endurance, healthy …

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Yes We Can!

INTRO Hi! Welcome to Say Tomato! The podcast about sustainable diets, ethical food, living lightly on the planet and … tomatoes. My mantra is that it’s never too late to get healthy, so whatever your age, your current state of health, or your weight – take heart! Sit back and enjoy the talk. In the …

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Weight Loss

NUTRITIONIST WENDY SHILLAM TALKS ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS:   A recent UK study showed that losing weight, at any time of life, can make significant improvements in our health.  For every kilo of excess weight, life expectancy goes down.  If you’re obese and over 40 now, slimming down can, on average, gain you three or four …

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