The great thing about changing your diet is that you will see and feel health benefits very quickly.  Obesity and unhealthy eating have now overtaken smoking as the most important risk factor for long term health in the USA, the UK isn’t far behind1. A diet can provide short- and long-term benefits. I work mainly with peri- and post-menopausal women, helping them to lose weight, gain muscle strength or deal with clinical issues, for example:

  • Diabetes type 2
  • Sleep apnoea
  • Digestion problems
  • Food intolerances
  • Unexplained weight loss, or weight gain
  • Mood swings, low mood
  • Coldness, dizziness
  • Binges and craving
  • Cholesterol imbalance
  • Bloating, rashes and skin outbreaks
  • Low immunity
  • Maintaining medical diets or restrictions


I am a clinical nutritionist ANutr, RSPH, (not simply a nutritionist, or nutritional therapist) which means that I am trained in working with people who may have other medical conditions. I have an MSc from the Division of Medicine, University College London, one of the world’s top medical schools. I am not a medical doctor, I will always tell you the limits of how I can help and recommend another specialist if I feel that the issue is not principally diet related.  Everything in the list above can be alleviated and some even completely resolved by changes in diet and/or weight loss.


My specialism is weight loss. Using my methods, you will see results quickly. But losing weight will require a bit of effort and focus on your part. So, I advise not embarking upon weight loss unless you’re feeling motivated.   Sadly, with weight loss, anyone who offers you a quick fix is a charlatan. For some of my clients simply moving to a healthier regimen, can be a bigger priority than shaving off the pounds. Women over 50 need to be especially careful about losing weight, because at that age we are all vulnerable to muscle loss while we lose weight.

I take great care with my weight loss patients, seeing them every week until they get the hang of a diet and then supporting them right through the dieting and maintenance stages.  It is very easy to put weight back on after you’ve been on a diet, so the maintenance is really important.  But once you reach your desired weight my consulting fees reduce – so there is an incentive for you to keep on being supported.  I won’t let you put the weight back on!

Because weight loss is a specialist service, I recommend that you phone or email first so that we can have a discussion about your specific requirements.  Many of my weight loss clients have other issues, such as high blood pressure or diabetes type 2.  Weight loss is now considered the number one solution for recent diagnoses of diabetes type 2 and has been shown to lead to remission in many people2.


The simplest (and cheapest) thing is to send me a tweet – @rooftopvegplot  I’ll respond publicly to you on Twitter.  This is free and quick – but I’m obviously limited to a word count!  This is what one of my twitter friends said,

If you’d like a more personal answer to your question, but you can’t visit me in London, you are welcome to contact me by email, using the Email Enquiry Form for women.


A quick and economical answer to your immediate needs may be an email query.  This is completely confidential, quick and economical.  Simply fill in the Email Enquiry Form, make a payment of ten pounds and I will respond to you within 24 hours.  My response will provide condiential and detailed answers to your questions.  Im limited by not being able to see you face to face, so you will need to be candid with me, but it saves you a long journey, as well as money.



I’m happy to see anyone for a single consultation.  Consultations take place in the comfort of my studio in Great Titchfield Street, London (nearest tube Oxford Circus). A single consultation, which lasts about an hour will cost £55.00.  For many of my clients just one or two consultations will do the trick!  If you are busy, I can come to your office or home, but I do have to charge my travel time.

In one session

Wendy advised me simply to tweak my normal eating habits.  By shifting my protein/fat/carbohydrate intake as she suggested, I lost weight without ever feeling I was on a diet.  Having understood the principles, it was easy to follow her suggestions.


If you want to lose weight and embark upon an effective diet, then it takes a bit more than two sessions.  Similarly, if your eating has become a bit disordered and you are finding that you are excluding a lot of foodstuffs, or eating irregularly, then it might take a few sessions for me to help you. If you can bear to have a blood test, I can further help you by tailoring your diet to your metabolic phenotype. We are all hard-wired a bit differently.

My sessions include a full anthropometric analysis, urine samples (if required), taking an eating and weight history and prescribing diets or regimens.  We consider the social and cultural issues surrounding eating.  I’m happy to help clients with situations like unsupportive friends, avoiding overdoing it at parties or in work situations and eating out – which I know can be a nightmare!  Nothing is off limits to talk about.  You will find me sympathetic and scrupulously confidential.

Alison – successful weight loss client

I have had excellent care. I could not have lost weight by myself again. I have had great support and attention. Wendy gives you her time willingly. She shares her extensive knowledge to help you understand your needs and guides you to make sensible choices. Especially good is the aftercare once a month that just helps you keep on track. I am no angel and have my indulgent days but I know I can get back on track. Having someone there is brilliant.

My consulting area



A single consultation will cost £55.00 and take place in my light-filled rooftop studio.  It is part of our home, so I hope you will find it welcoming and not over-clinical. Allow for two sessions, a month apart, for general advice and a series of four/eight weekly sessions for weight loss. After that, sessions are usually monthly. Once you achieve your target weight,   maintenance balance sessions are £40.00/hour, or you may sign up for an annual fee of £250.00 which gives you unlimited contact, up to ten consultations and benefits of the maintenance club – which includes a newsletter, social and fun events. I am happy for clients to call me at any time, and by arrangement, we can have short telephone conversations in order for you to keep motivated while you are away on business or on holiday.  All my clients have access to my personal mobile number and email.

In the comfort of your home
Try a tweet or online query first – those are completely free – but public.  If you have a more detailed query, and you’d like to keep it personal then you can use the email consultation.  It is simple and quick.

Consultation Type Cost Public or private How to make contact
Twitter FREE Public – limited to twitter wordcounts @rooftopvegplot
Email £10.00 Private – response within 24 hours
Singe consultation £55.00 Private 1 hour – consultation at my studio in central London Tel 07957438666 or use the email contact form below.
Series consultation

May be weight loss, muscle gain of any other issue that requires time.


Depends on how many you book in one go.

Private 1 hour – either weekly or monthly.

Includes a face to face sessions and access to unlimited email or telephone access.

Tel 07957438666 or use the email contact form below.

Support once you have gained your target weight or body composition.

Booked as a subscription of ten sessions
Private 1 hour – monthly
Includes a face to face sessions and access to unlimited email or telephone access.
Tel 07957438666 or use the email contact form below.

I’m happy to discuss anything over the phone before you book, 07957 438 666 or you can send me a question via this website or on twitter @rooftopvegplot. Alternatively fill in the booking form below.

Please fill in all fields that are starred. Other fields are optional.
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All inforamtion is kept in the strictest confidence. We will never share you details with anyone else. Wendy Shillam Nutrition is registered with the ICO for data protection.

  1. Murray, C. J. L. et al. The state of US health, 1990-2016: Burden of diseases, injuries, and risk factors among US states. JAMA – J. Am. Med. Assoc. 319, 1444–1472 (2018).

  2. Lean, M. E. J. et al. Primary care-led weight management for remission of type 2 diabetes (DiRECT): An open-label, cluster-randomised trial. The Lancet (2017). doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(17)33102-1

For the safety of all my clients, I am now only running email and Skype consultations. CONTACT
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